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Lindsay Lohan back in jail…photoshop tutorial

Lindsay was released from jail after serving just 13 of 90 days sentence for violation of her court probation in a 2007 incident for drunk driving and cocaine possession. She was released on the grounds of good behavior and to help the overcrowded jail. system. For those who disagree with her early release, I will teach you in this Photoshop CS4 tutorial how to put Lindsay back in jail and for those who agree with her release, it will be a good Photoshop montage technique to learn.

I will use these two images for our tutorial:

Step 1.- Create cell bars layer

Because the cell bars are made up of straight lines, it’s easy to work with it, just select the lasso tool and hold down the alt key to constrain the tool to creating straight lines between pair of click points.Make sure just to select the bars and avoid the background. You have a selection as shown in the following illustration:

Step 2 Create a new layer from selection

Now we our lasso tool selection go to Layer-New-Layer via cut, now we have a new layer that is in top of our background layer, if you hide the background layer then you’ll see that we have a layer with just cell bars selection.Ok, now we need to place Lindsay in between the two layers and we have our actress behind bars, as simple as that! The most tedious part is to make the bars selection and the rest is piece of cake.

Step 3 Add hue saturation and vibrance

Select the actress layer and go to Image menu and select Adjustments -Hue saturation in the window select the following values:

Now to affect the hue and saturation just to our actress image we need to hold down the ALT key and click in between the two layers in our layer s panel

Now we need to add a vibrance layer, go to image menu select Adjustments-Vibrance and set the following values:

Step 4 Final touch

Now that we have all in place we need to replace the nasty gray blanket with a nice bed comforter to make her staying pleasurable . just grab any bed comforter from the web a put in place; just make sure to put the image just above the background layer, resize and rotate it as necessary. So we have our actress in top of the bed comforter right? Now we need to create another layer so hold down Ctrl +Alt +Shift + E, this way we have an image with all the layers without flattening the layers.

Change the layer blending mode to overlay and set the opacity value to 60% and here we have the final image result:

Updated news: Our lovely Lindsay is in rehab treatment and she is doing pretty well. Good for her!


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