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The twelve angles stone is located in the Hatum Rumiyoc street inĀ Cuzco Peru close to Plaza de Armas. It is a very narrow pedestrianĀ  street where thousands of people from around the globe gather to admire the magnificent Incas work and tradition.Nowdays still is a mystery how the Incas could fit these huge stones precisely. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create carved text in stone with Adobe Photoshop…not even close to the Incas technique…but ..let’s try !!

The final image after we're done with the tutorial

Here is the image I’ll use in this tutorial :

Step 1 Create your own text

Just create any text you want, in this case I’ll use my own logo text and my font type is Calisto MT, Bold ,20px, make sure the text is large enough to fit within the 12 angle stone if you are using this picture.

Once you have your text, select the Move tool (cross shape icon,the first one in your tool bar) and click on your text to positionĀ  in the middle of the stone, then select the transform tool (ctrl+T) to rotate our text, move the pointer outside the bounding box(it becomes a curved both- side arrow ) and drag up or down to position your text .

Step 2 Create our carved stone text

Ok, now that we have our text in place lets edit it to convert in carved text.

With our text layer selected( highlighted in blue in the layer panels ),double click it to open the layer style dialog box and select Inner shadow option and apply the following values :

Next in the same layer style dialog box select Bevel and Emboss and apply the following values:

Next in the layer style dialog box select stroke and apply the following values:

Finally, to get a better result reduce the text layer opacity from 70 to 73 percent.

And here we have our final image ..I hope you like this tutorial and see you in the next one.


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