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In this Photoshop showcase I’ll show you a transformation of a really nice picture into a nasty weather image, also I’ve done some photomontage to the original picture, and the rain was created with Photoshop animation feature. Although the rain can be re-created easily in Flash, for some beginners it may be a daunting task so in an upcoming tutorial I’ll show you how to create this effect using just Photoshop CS4 so stay tune for this nice tutorial.

Original picture Plaza Armas Lima Peru

click on the image

click on the image to see the rain effect


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In this tutorial I’ll show you a trick that every photo-montage artist must have in his or her toolbox. Every photoshop professional must be able to achieve this trick easily. So ..open the door without key ( key is lost…sorry).
Here is this nice picture I’ll use in this tutorial:

And I’ll use this little puppy for an extra touch to our photomontage:

Puppy picture courtesy by: GettiyImage.com, thanks!

Step 1: Use rectangular marquee to select door

Use the rectangular marquee to draw a selection to include just the door, not the frame, and once you have the selection cut it in a new layer using shift-ctrl-J or click on layer menu and from the down list menu select New-Layer via cut as shown below:

Step 2 Use free transform tool

Make sure your new layer is selected ( is highlighted in blue) and with the Free transform tool ( Ctrl + T ) hold  Ctrl-Alt_Shift while dragging the top left corner handle to get a true perspective distortion, release Ctrl-Alt-Shift then use the center handle to make the door narrowed as shown below:

Step 3 Fill in the blank!

Now we need to fill with black color the white space between the door frame and the door itself, so get the bucket tool ( make sure your foreground color is set to black and the background layer is activated) click in the area and fill with black.

Easy enough we have our door open with our spare key!!

Step 4 Nice magic touch!

Now we can add our little puppy to the scene, make sure the puppy layer is between the background layer and the door layer, put the puppy image in place, resize if necessary and your photo-montage is ready for publish!!

Here is our final image, hope you like it.

If you want to walk an extra mile on this tutorial, you can incorporate a door background to fill the black space, just use the rectangular marquee tool to select the visible portion of  the black background then copy and paste into your new image and resize as necessary  and there you have a nice and more realistic looking picture.

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